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Meet the Artist

Hi, I’m Henri

An illustrator, artist and entrepreneur dedicated to helping people make positive impacts.

I’ve lived in Germany, Kenya, Sardinia, England and am now working from Dresden, two hours south of Berlin. I care for the planet, for the animals and humanity. I value empathy, sustainability and the willingness to change for the better.

I would love to help you connect with people and get them to care.

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My Services

Here’s what I do

Editorial Illustration

From freehand sketch aesthetic through dainty water colour to dramatic ink painting. I use a variety of media to get the right result that fits the project best.

Game Illustration

Art is a powerful asset in game design.
I offer digital illustration services for board games designers and rpg campaigns authors.

Character Portraits

Being an rpg player myself, I know how much our characters grow on us. I love getting the chance to paint a portrait of your favourite char. I also offer free weekly sketches for anyone who supports me on patreon.

Cover Art

Congratulations if you have written, or are in the midst of writing your story!

I am so grateful for anyone that puts their ‚baby‘ in my hands to create a unique cover. From start to finish you will be involved in the decision making process.


What Clients are Saying

„Henriette did an amazing job creating the cover of my second novel! She was open to ideas, creative, easy to work with, and completed the project in a timely fashion. She is a must for your next piece! I highly recommend her!!“

Lauren J Brown

„Henriette is an amazing artist, and a very nice person! I couldn’t be happier with the work!“

Keith Marcotti

„I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve received regarding the cover art that you created for our book! We will be calling on you again. Thank you again!“

R. J. Hanson

My Mission

I want to help people see that they can change the world.

Here are some values that I align my business with.




Because this is how we connect. It’s understanding that everyone has their own story. 



Because this is the only way long term works. We have tried short term, and are now realising we cannot go on like this.



Because only with information can we make better decisions. The more we know, the more we have to be willing to rethink our habits.



Because it shouldn’t matter what gender you are to be who and what you want to be.



Because the media is still hooked on old patterns and it’s time that everyone is seen.



Because the price of staying the same is often higher than we think. And this one starts with you and me.

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